I have helped quite a few non-residents to buy property here in Ottawa, so I thought I would create a How to Buy Property in Ottawa for Non-Resident Buyers and most of the answers to the questions that come up repeatedly with my foreign buyers: NON-RESIDENTS QUESTIONS REGARDING PURCHASE OF PROPERTY Can I buy a property in Canada? People of the world are welcome to purchase property here in Canada. … Continue reading

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City of Ottawa LRT News and Facts I have been to an City of Ottawa LRT news and facts update talk organized by the Ottawa Real Estate Board and here are some interesting key points to share with you: This is the largest infrastructure project undertaken since the Rideau Canal! The Rideau Transit Group will be maintaining the system for 30 years! The City of Ottawa will be the ultimate … Continue reading

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Real estate has been a hot topic in 2017 for Ottawa, and we are seeing essential changes coming to the real estate market in 2018. Here are some things to watch in Ottawa housing market in 2018: Ottawa will attract more foreign and other city buyers We are expecting an influx of foreign buyers in Ottawa market in 2018. In 2017, I have helped quite a few of my clients … Continue reading

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Life Insurance versus Mortgage Insurance Life Insurance versus Mortgage Insurance, is what some of my clients ask me when they are purchasing a house. A financial advisor I know in Ottawa shared with me a practical chart to explain the difference between life insurance and mortgage insurance: PERSONAL LIFE INSURANCE MORTGAGE INSURANCE Insures you You decide who to name as your beneficiary Renewable, convertible term insurance Underwriting is done at the … Continue reading

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Hello Katimavik Hazeldean neighbors, friends, parents of Castlefrank and and Katimavik Schools, here are some updates on Katimavik Hazeldean Community News. I would like to inform you on upcoming projects and festivities in our community so that you can enjoy them, make use out of them, be part of the great community we all live in, and prepare ourselves for some upcoming projects. As you might have already received a … Continue reading

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Building Green Homes in Canada Did you know around 20 percent of the energy consumed in Canada is used in our homes? Purchasing an energy-efficient house or turning one by energy-saving renovations into a green home can offer big savings for home owners. CMHC has a slogan “Help the Planet, Help Your Wallet” which has added environmentally friendly features to the Mortgage Loan Insurance it offers. If you use CMHC insured … Continue reading

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Happy new year everyone! It is the second week of the new year and we are well immersed back into school, work and it’s time to evaluate Ottawa 2016 Real Estate Market! In order for us to make any kind of prediction for the future, we need to look at what has happened at least in 2015 and its relation to the previous year (2014).  Members of the Ottawa Real … Continue reading

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Getting financing approved for home buyers has become more and more challenging under all the new government imposed rules. For self employed home buyers, it becomes even more interesting. That said, there are ways to get mortgage approved for these hard working individuals. The key to approvals for self employed buyer lies in asking the right questions and getting the proper documentation to support the claims regarding their type of … Continue reading

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Ontario is considering giving all its municipalities power to levy a land transfer tax, that includes Ottawa. So what does it mean for you as a home buyer in Ottawa? Basically, municipal land transfer tax is yet another tax but the revenue of this tax goes to City of Ottawa, and the consequence of this tax will raise closing costs for property buyers, who are already paying a provincial land … Continue reading

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LRT update from the city mayor, Jim Watson: On September Wednesday the 16th, I was at a briefing conference organized by Ottawa Young Professionals Network for the city realtors to get updated on various Ottawa City News! Accordingly, the LRT project is to create around 20 thousand more jobs! At the moment the number of people can be accommodated into Downtown core is 9.000 but with LRT there will be … Continue reading

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