Purchasing home in Ottawa

Why Purchase home in Ottawa With Nilay Ertemur

If you are in the market purchasing home in Ottawa with my market knowledge I will ensure that I can find you a home that meets your criteria. My strong negotiating skills will ensure you don’t overpay for your desired home. My superior communication skills mean I am always accessible from the time we first meet, until well after you have moved into your new home.

What I will do for you:

  • Screen the available homes in your desired neighborhoods to make sure that the houses you view meet your criteria including your budget and your wants.
  • Provide you with a up-to-date information on local real estate values, taxes, utility costs, services, and amenities.
  • Guide you through the viewing process; show you features you may not have noticed and problems you may not have observed.
  • Advise you about your legal and financial options.
  • Recommend expert help when needed, such as home appraisal, home inspection, and contracting services.
  • Manage your offers, counter-offers, unexpected situations and provide you with an experienced negotiator to make sure you get the best deal possible.
  • Guide you with my sincere and honest support throughout process
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