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LRT update from the city mayor, Jim Watson:
On September Wednesday the 16th, I was at a briefing conference organized by Ottawa Young Professionals Network for the city realtors to get updated on various Ottawa City News!
Accordingly, the LRT project is to create around 20 thousand more jobs!
At the moment the number of people can be accommodated into Downtown core is 9.000 but with LRT there will be around 24 thousand people capacity per hour into downtown core!
60 percent of the Ottawa core businesses think that this is a positive direction and the figure is expected to go higher as the project gets closer to finishing!
Meanwhile, Lyon station is 84%, Rideau is 44 % and the Parliament Station is 40 % done.
Once the stage 1 process gets opened to public use, then the Stage 2 construction is expected to start for Algonquin, Carleton, Ottawa Universities, Le Cite College, Bayshore and Place de Orleans. Plans are to extend the LRT from Bayshore to Moodie and then to Kanata, and even to extend it to Gatineau!

Spark Street news update: So far the street has lots of stakeholders with federal government owning all the buildings on the north side of the street, but due to the complexity of the street governance, leases have tended to be short term, with lots of empty stores… Recently some stores are opening and some new investment has been in place and more to happen on the street according to the mayor!

Last but not the least, Canada’s 150th year anniversary which will take place in 2017 is supposed to be the talk of the country! Guy Laflamme – Chairperson of the Ottawa 2017 Committee explained a new Ottawa brand is expected to be created, and the capital has the desire to lead the celebrations!
Arts and the culture will be the focus of these celebrations, citizens and visitors will have a chance to experience Ottawa like never before! The celebrations are expected to bring a lasting effect in terms of economic growth and the image of the city! Through complimentary events/ attractions, and community grassroots activities, and with more specifically welcoming/celebrating cultures in Landsdowne Park, community gardens, kitchens, 1 million trees planting initiative, the advise is to finish your basement to have visitors over in Ottawa in coming years!
And call me for any of your investment or personal real estate plans since the city is becoming more and more attractive for everyone!
Nilay Ertemur

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