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Map of swimming and where to cool down in Ottawa

How to Cool Down This Summer: (Swimming in Ottawa)

Summer in Ottawa can get pretty muggy and hot, here are 11 tips of helping you cool down in the capital and then check out the map that locates all the beaches, swimming and wading pools (It doesn’t include the splash pools)

  1. Drink lots of water – Remember to balance out the dehydration with extra water
  2. Choose fruits and veggies like watermelon contain high water content
  3. Make some custom blend of ice herbal tea with lots of ice, but remember those ice-caps in Tim Hortons do contain lots of sugar=calories
  4. When outside, wear a hat, sunscreen, cotton fabric and loose clothing
  5. Pull your curtains – If you have windows facing west side of the house, keeping those curtains or blinds closed helps to block the heat coming inside
  6. Open bathroom windows when you take a shower, it helps to vent out the humidity out of the window
  7. Skip the dishwasher drying cycle, why create more heat when one can dry their dishes in the rack, and that helps to save on your energy bill.
  8. Turn off the pilot light of your fireplace during warm months, one can turn them back on in winter and it is easy!
  9. Check your doors and windows weather stripping, just like winter brings in cold air, summer brings in the warm hot air, therefore reseal any weather stripping that is wearing out.
  10. Attic insulation is not only for winter but it also works equally well in the summer. It helps to keep the hot attic air from coming into the house. Check out my previous posting on attic insulation on how to insulate your attic.
  11. Visit a friends/family/neighbour swimming pool, to cool down the heat

Last but not least one can always go to a pool or beach and cool themselves off, here is a list of public swimming pools, beaches, and wading pools provided below with a map, feel free to share the map and this post.

Note: All wading pools and beaches are free in Ottawa. There is a cost associated with the swimming pools, one can check the prices at City of Ottawa.

Blue – Are outdoor pools
Black – Are indoor pools
Green – Are Wading pools
Orange – Are beaches

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