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Lower your utilities energy bills

Every homeowner will tell you that they wish to find ways to save money on their energy bills. From taking a bath to keeping rooms warm in winter; computers, fridges, chargers etc, they all consume energy. Saving money on bills and having the money back to your pocket is a smart move for you and the enviroment. The tips/infograph below does not require an overhaul renovations to your house, it simply just highlights ways you can save on your energy bill.

Here are some stats you can tweet:

  • Save up to $250 a year by properly sealing insulating your home » tweet «
  • Cut appliance energy by 15-30% by choosing energy star» tweet «
  • Energy star ceiling fans are 60% more energy efficient » tweet «
  • When electronics are not in use unplug them & save $100 a year » tweet «
  • Reduce water heater from 140 to 120 degree saves you 15% energy bill » tweet «
  • Programmable thermostats saves you $180 a year » tweet «
  • The LED bulb uses 84% less energy » tweet «
  • Changing furnace filter every 3 month saves you $100 a year » tweet «


Energy Infographic
Energy Infographic

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