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8 Tips on Increasing Your Home Value

Tips on Increasing the Value of Your Home

Here are some tips to increase your home’s value, even if you are not planning to sell your house, it would be a worthwhile investment for you and your home.

1. Declutter to increase space and clean!

This is my personal favorite. We tend to keep buying and storing stuff in our houses, especially people living in North America, they tend to use their garage as storage for stuff rather than putting their cars in. Getting rid of stuff that you don’t need is the very first thing that one can do to increase the space of a house. 80 s and 90 s style of ornaments are not as attractive anymore. An organized basement is always good. Cleaning is the cheapest and often most effective upgrade! The more space you have the better it looks.

2. Remodel the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, by re-modelling; updating the kitchen cabinets, countertops, it brings in a new look to your house, and you could probably recoup 80% of the cost if you are planning to sell it afterwards. Don’t forget to upgrade the faucets and sink, you don’t want to put a dated faucet back next to your new countertop.

3. Buy new energy efficient appliance

People love stainless steel appliances, and most appliances sold today are energy efficient. Having an energy-efficient appliance will save you money now, and is a more valuable and marketable feature when the time comes to sell.

4. Upgrade the bathroom

If you are upgrading only the kitchen and the floors of the bathroom and the rest of the house is still vinyl or carpet, you may not get the value of the upgrade. The bathrooms are also important, replace the faucet, sink and get low flush toilets. Create a unified look for the bathroom sink and shower.

5. Be energy efficient

Get an energy audit and improve the attic insulation. You don’t have to necessarily go get a brand new furnace since it will not pay off as an upgrade to sell, but if you are planning to live in the place for another 6 years, perhaps getting the high efficient furnace makes sense financially for you.

6. Paint the house

A freshly painted house, room can make your house look clean and updated. Choose neutral or brighter colours to create a nice effect. Flowing colours are the best strategy when painting a house with various colours.

7. Update your curb appeal

A quick and easy way to appeal to more buyers into your house is to spruce up the landscaping. Replace that old mailbox and front door, cut those tree branches and clean up those leaves, mow the lawn, dig those weeds/dandelions out. The more maintained the outside of the house look, the greater the value it appears to potential buyers. First impression happens within seconds and that is why curb appeal is crucial in value increasing.

8. Updated floors

The look of clean and completed floors definitely increase the value of your home, replace those old carpets with new ones, or better replace them with hardwood or laminate flooring. In these days people with allergies tend to like non carpet areas, but don’t leave areas half and half. A non finished hardwood or laminate floor is worst than a steam cleaned carpet.

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Author: Nilay Ertemur

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