Hello Katimavik Hazeldean neighbors, friends, parents of Castlefrank and and Katimavik Schools, here are some updates on Katimavik Hazeldean Community News.

I would like to inform you on upcoming projects and festivities in our community so that you can enjoy them, make use out of them, be part of the great community we all live in, and prepare ourselves for some upcoming projects.
As you might have already received a newsletter in your mailbox, the City of Ottawa is constructing a new pump station and forcemain along Maple Grove Road, Terry Fox Drive, Katimavik Road and Eagleson Road. The newsletter states that the forcemain route on Katimavik Road includes rock that requires excavation. As a result, some construction work will be performed including blasting. The work will be conducted with an approved blasting plan that meets City of Ottawa requirements. Blasting is projected to begin the week of May 10, 2016 for approximately 18 weeks through to the end of September 2016. Blasting will not take place on Sundays and statutory holidays and the times of the operation is between 7 am- 10 pm. For more information: City Project Manager, Steven Stoddard, steven.stoddard@ottawa.ca tel: 613 866-7023.

On a pleasant note, the community has some great events coming up. On Wednesday, June 8 2016 at Katimavik School,

Castlefrank Elementary School Council and Katimavik Elementary School Council have CES/KES Community Festival.

You can come and enjoy the fun, food and FREE entertainment!

BBQ by Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association on June 4 starts at 12:00 noon and goes till 3 pm at Castlefrank Elementary School and it includes oriental children games, musicians, and dancers…

Katimavik Hazeldean Community Association has also a Community Yard Sale on June 4 from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon at your houses!

I am involved in our community and would like to invite you to come, join and be a voice for the things that matter!

Have a happy spring and summer, get out and get involved in your community, wherever it may be…

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Kanata Stittsville; The West End

The West End of Ottawa is a prime location for real estate in terms of living, investment or simply to keep an eye on! I went to a session on Kanata, Stittsville Development & Transportation news recently and the presenters Councillor Wilkinson representing Kanata North, Councillor Hubley representing Kanata South and Councillor Qadri representing Stittsville shared very exciting news about the development of the three wards. There are a lot of projects planned and underway but I will try to highlight the headlines. Accordingly:

Kanata South:

There is major construction for storm sewers; some water mains will be replaced in Glen Cairn. Some sidewalks will be added there. These projects are planned to be completed by the spring of 2016. One of the pumps will be replaced at pump station. Glen Cairn storm water management plan is another project that the community can look forward to. Widening Hopeside, Old Richmond and Hunt Club Roads were highlighted in the session for transportation news. Building seniors’ care facilities (for Alzheimer’s care), adding some outdoor gym equipment throughout some recreational spots and indoor tennis courts are some other great news. Yong’s Pond which has unique trees in it will be bettered, there will be bird houses in it and this is expected to increase property values in Katimavik where the park is neighbouring with.

Kanata North

Beaverpond, Arcadia, Richardson Ridge, Kanata Town Center, Broccolin Apartments are some of the names of the exciting projects in this part of the town. Ciena is adding 1500 new jobs, Sanmina around 500; and Kanata North will be expanding rapidly. Tanger Outlet Mall area will be developed further to accommodate 3 hotels, 6 restaurants, etc. March Retail Plaza, Taggart Plaza are some shopping center projects to be highlighted, and there will be a Cabelas, which is an outdoors store behind Canadian Tire. Transit expansion to Moodie, park and ride innovations are some of the transportation projects to name a few. Nortel Campus implications are huge; around 9000 military personnel will be added by 2017 and that will result in a great housing demand in the area. It is expected to add 3000 more houses, 4 school locations and a heavy demand in transit. A public school at Terry Fox and Second Line, and addition to South March Public, French public are some of the school news in Kanata North. The projects for seniors’ rental accommodation is also in works.


It is the fastest growing section in the West End. It has a population of 28000 now, and the anticipation is that 71000 people will be added to the existing population. Stittsville public high school demand is an important project being worked on. The Fernbank development is expected to be completed within 5-10 years with an estimated population growth of 35000. The Fairwinds Maple Grove development should be finished in the next two years with an estimated population increase of 3000 to 5000. The Tartan development at 33 Johnwoods is estimated at 1500 residents. The Richcraft development beside Lowes will be completed in 8 years with an estimated population for this area of 1500-2000.


Kanata, Stittsville and West End in general being a hot spot for growth, new house construction, employment, investment and population increase; there will be sure exciting real estate opportunities and I will be happy to assist you in your move either from or to the West End with a well informed and prepared perspective.

Author: Nilay Ertemur

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The old man winter is coming soon, and since the weather has changed in early September here in Ottawa, most people are probably thinking (although one does not want to) about ways to winterize their homes.

Here are 10 tips to get your home ready for the winter:

1. Clean your gutters
September onward would be the best time to clean up all the tree branches, leaves or toys that are stuck in the gutters. You do not want the fall rain to be draining towards your house, you want it away from your foundation, having them cleared for rain/water flow would benefit any home. If you have a tree that sheds it’s leaves late in fall, you may wish to do this later in the season.

2. Replace your furnace filter
Most of us forget about replacing our furnace filters (which causes us to reach the furnace company for a service call only for them to advise us to change our filter and the furnace works just fine again) they do get dusty over the summer even though your furnace may not be running that much (remember it still runs if you have an air conditioning unit), replace your filter and mark the date on your calendar so that you know when the filter was last changed.

3. Caulk any gaps at windows or doors
Caulking is one of the cheapest solutions to block draft air coming into your home. The process is by simply moving your hand around the edges of your door and windows and find out if there is any air coming in. Caulk around where you feel the draft, don’t forget the attic door, and your laundry dryer vent might need caulking as well.

4. Check door and garage door weatherstripping
Check the main entrance door weatherstripping, if its damaged, replace it and also the weatherstripping for the door that enters your house through the garage. There is weather stripping for your outside garage doors that one can purchase from Lowes or Home Depot. Having garage door sealers/weatherstrips adds an extra layer or blockage of wind and breeze, thus it keeps your garage and house warmer.

5. Insulate electrical outlets and switches
Most people may not realize that electrical outlets also bring in some draft air into houses, and one can purchase a simple styrofoam socket sealer from Home Depot or Lowes. Remember when working with electricity, one has to turn it off from the main electrical panel before starting to unscrew any socket.

6. Add attic insulation
Houses lose most heat through the roof/attic, I have an article of how to insulate your attic, and it does really help in warming your house when you increase your attic insulation!

7. Reverse your ceiling fan
Most people think of using their ceiling fans only in summer, but in winter if you reverse the rotation (i.e running clockwise) it will bring back the warm air from the ceiling back down to be recirculated.

8. Wrap those pipes
Turn off those outside water sprinklers or faucets so that you don’t get your pipe frozen and end up with unpleasant insurance claims and flooding problems , turn them off from the inside if you can access them, also get pre-molded pipe sleeves to wrap up any hot water pipe so that less heat is lost through them for your hot water tank.

9. Get a programmable thermostat
If you are still using a non-programmable thermostat, go and obtain one that you can program, it will save you money. Hydro Ottawa peak saver plus runs a free program to get free thermostat till the end of September 2014.

10. Seal up any ducts
The ducts that run around your house can also be sealed up with aluminum foil tape, if you find/reach any heating duct, check if there is any leakage around them, usually leakage is found around the joints. Use your hands to feel if there is any breeze, and put some extra tape to seal it up.

And remember to enjoy winter, it will not last forever…

Author: Nilay Ertemur

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