Savvy Real Estate Agent to Market Your House?

Realtors (real estate agent) these days not only need to know you at a personal level, become experts in their local market area and get involved in the community but also they need to be good at using social media networks where more and more people spend time every day.

There is no question that the power of person to person and voice to voice communication are the most important elements for trust in any given relationship but when the traditional marketing channels are being replaced with the new ones, is your realtor following and adapting to these changes well? The things that they do to market their business is a good indicator of how they would market your house.

Here is a list of what your realtor should be doing in order to market your property or the industry efficiently. Not all of them are necessary but doing at least couple of them well is important in today’s real estate market.

1-Having a well thought and organized website or blog

This is where you can see lots of details regarding your realtor; their testimonials, causes they believe in, communities they serve, and of course their featured listings…

2-Have a business Facebook page

Running a separate professional FB page where they do their announcements, engagements and marketing in general is a good indicator that they will spend the time on your property making sure that it is being shown and advertised properly.

3-Have a LinkedIn account:

This is where you can see what your realtor has done professionally and is interested in. What connections they have and how they engage with their audience is again important in evaluating their performance in marketing or negotiation process, which is crucial in real estate.

4-Being on Twitter

Whether they are following industry related news, or posting their recent listings, open houses, etc indicates that they are active and motivated and they will be when it comes to your house marketing efforts.


After all Google is where people mostly go to search anything. Hence being on the social media outlet of Google gives your realtor more visibility and search engine optimization capabilities, which benefits your property in return.


What are their likes, chosen pics tell you the taste they have when it comes to staging your house, interior design, and related areas.


How they are engaging with the followers, what they share, and emphasize, tell you about their taste of life and motivation they have, and after all you are trying to find that agent who can get the job done yet someone at your or industry communication level so that the process of buying or selling becomes enjoyable and easy.


Search and see if they created a Youtube channel where they share their listing videos, their own marketing material, etc. Being shy on the Internet when it comes to real estate is just not a very good sign these days esp for further exposure and visibility. There are some other social media outlets such as Tumblr, Flickr, etc therefore like anything else, do your homework and choose your realtor with confidence…


Nilay Ertemur

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