best schools in Ottawa

How to find best schools in Ottawa

How to find best schools in Ottawa

In Ottawa all schools have a location boundary where they serve their children/student that live within that boundary. Most elementary schools require a proof of residency within the boundary it serves (e.g utilities bills, rental agreement etc). The priority of the school is to serve the students within the boundary, thus those students have priority over others. There are of course exception to the case, where students get accepted due to their academic standing. Nevertheless, it becomes quite vital to find your home close to a good school, and I wanted to share some of the tips on how to find best schools in Ottawa.

Here are some tips on researching best schools in Ottawa and house/properties together in Ottawa.

Fraser Institute

1. Go to Fraser Institute to research for schools that are ranked according to their academic success levels in Ontario, Ottawa. ( Although a school’s rating is a good indicator, a child’s success is not just based on school but it is also about parent’s involvement, motivation levels, etc.

Fraser Institute is a Canadian public policy think tank, they are an organization that performs research and advocacy concerning topics such as public, social and education policy etc. Every year they provide a report card for all the schools, the 2014 can be downloaded from

Ottawa Carleton School Board for Public School

2. Go to Ottawa Carleton School Board for Public School

Find out where the school you have chosen is by google map and to find out the boundaries that it serves by going to Ottawa Carleton School Board web site. The Ottawa Carleton School board provides a school location app that allows one to type in their home address and it tells you which schools are within the boundary.

They also provide boundary maps for the schools in pdf format.

Ottawa Catholic School Board

3. Go to Ottawa Catholic School Board

If you are looking for catholic schools then the Catholic School Board also provides a boundary map and a location web application to find what school the address has access to

Find an Agent

4. Find an agent to help you locate the houses within those boundaries

Feel free to contact me and I will be able to help you with locating a house within those boundaries for you, I have personally been through research and process of finding a good school for my two children so I know what it takes to find a house you love and within the school that you wish your children to attend. Good luck in finding the best schools in Ottawa!

Best schools in Ottawa

Fraser Institute Elementary school (Ottawa, Kanata, Orleans)

Elementary School Name City Ratings
Ahlul Bayt Islamic Ottawa 9.5
St George Ottawa 8.7
Elmdale Ottawa 8.7
Broadview Ottawa 8.3
Abraar Ottawa 8.2
Adrienne Clarkson Ottawa 8.2
Georges-Étienne-Cartier Ottawa 8.2
Édouard-Bond Ottawa 7.9
Mutchmor Ottawa 7.9
Woodroffe Avenue Ottawa 7.9
McMaster Ottawa 7.8
Michaëlle-Jean Ottawa 7.8
Rockcliffe Park Ottawa 7.8
Notre-Dame-des-Champs Ottawa 7.7
First Avenue Ottawa 7.6
Hopewell Avenue Ottawa 7.6
Lamoureux Ottawa 7.5
St Bernard Ottawa 7.5
Devonshire Ottawa 7.4
Francojeunesse Ottawa 7.4
St Marguerite d'Youville Ottawa 7.4
Vincent Massey Ottawa 7.4
Bernard-Grandmaître Ottawa 7.3
Churchill Alternative Ottawa 7.3
Hilson Avenue Ottawa 7.3
Sainte-Geneviève Ottawa 7.2
Terre-des-Jeunes Ottawa 7.1
Séraphin-Marion Ottawa 7.0
Charlotte Lemieux Ottawa 6.9
D. Roy Kennedy Ottawa 6.9
Regina Street Ottawa 6.9
Saint-François-d'Assise Ottawa 6.7
Farley Mowat Ottawa 6.6
St Daniel Ottawa 6.6
St Thomas More Ottawa 6.6
Manor Park Ottawa 6.5
Our Lady of Victory Ottawa 6.4
Sainte-Kateri Ottawa 6.4
Severn Avenue Ottawa 6.3
Our Lady of Fatima Ottawa 6.2
St Anthony Ottawa 6.2
Corpus Christi Ottawa 6.1
Holy Cross Ottawa 6.1
W. Erskine Johnston Kanata 8.9
Stephen Leacock Kanata 8.8
Kanata Kanata 8.6
St. Gabriel Kanata 8.5
Georges Vanier Kanata 8.4
Roger-Saint-Denis Kanata 8.0
St Anne Kanata 8.0
Elisabeth-Bruyère Kanata 7.9
Jack Donohue Kanata 7.8
Roch Carrier Kanata 7.8
South March Kanata 7.7
Kanata Nord Kanata 7.6
St Isidore Kanata 7.0
St James Kanata 7.0
Holy Redeemer Kanata 6.9
St Martin de Porres Kanata 6.9
Maurice-Lapointe Kanata 6.8
W.O. Mitchell Kanata 6.7
John Young Kanata 6.6
Roland Michener Kanata 6.3
Bridlewood Kanata 5.9
La Source Orléans 8.9
L'Étoile-de-l'Est Orléans 8.3
Convent Glen Orléans 8.2
Arc-en-ciel Orléans 8.1
Saint-Joseph d'Orléans Orléans 7.9
Jeanne-Sauvé Orléans 7.8
l'Odyssée Orléans 7.8
Des Sentiers Orléans 7.3
Le Prélude Orléans 7.3
Maple Ridge Orléans 7.1
St Clare Orléans 7.1
St Francis of Assisi Orléans 7.1
Divine Infant Orléans 7.0
Our Lady of Wisdom Orléans 6.7
Trillium Orléans 6.5
Avalon Orléans 6.3
Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha Orléans 6.3
Alain-Fortin Orléans 5.8
Dunning-Foubert Orléans 5.8
Chapel Hill Orléans 5.0
des Pionniers Orléans 4.1

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